In 2001, Mes Yağ was founded in Adana as a joint company. Company headquarter was  transferred to Diyarbakır in 2003. Involvement of Gaziantep plant in 2005 and Adana/Ceyhan plant in 2010, MES Yağ Oil Company approached today status.

Diyarbakır production plant which has the headquarter  is located on 90.000 ㎡ area. Single contine-extraction line which has a capacity 500 metric ton per day and refining line  with 120 metric ton per day capasite are avaiable in this plant. Also, there is a filling line fo fill final product in this company.

Gaziantep plant is located on 36.000 ㎡. This compact plant has a seed crushing line with a capacity 200-300 metric ton per day depends on the type of oily seeds. Also, 100 metric tons pe day capacity refining line is avaiable. Also, filling lines and fully equipped  laboratory are existed.

Adana Ceyhan plant which is located on 65.000 ㎡  area, has 3 seperate continue  extraction lines, 2 continue refining lines,and 2  filling lines and a fully equipped  laboratory. This production plant can crush such as cottonseed, soybean, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, safflower seed etc… This plant is the only one  characterized by 3 seperate line availability in Turkey. Total crushing capacity is 700-750 metric tons per day.

There are 2 seperate refining line each has 100 and 150 metric tons/day capacity. Various crude oil such as corn oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil etc. can refined and even bulk or packaged oil can be shipped for the local and the international market.

For all the plant, Chemical and biological waste water  treatment  plants  are suitable and with environmental awareness principle, there is no effluent seepage.

That successfull  journey which was started by crushing 30.000 metric tons seed capacity in 2003, was reached to over 200.000 metric tons seed in 2015. Mes Company’s target in 2017 is crushing 250.000 metric tons seed.

Also, Crude Oil refining was started by 4.000 ton/year . In 2015, total refining capasity became 20.000 metric tons. Mes Company refining target in 2017 is reaching 25.000 metric tons.

Our company places importance of quality standarts, employee self-improvement, employee health and safety principles. Also, from the beginning rate of local employment increasement has a major importance for our company vision.